Photoshop 21 Bench Mark

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Jan 17, 2002
eh, guys free ? :p
try out this photoshop bench mark and let's compare our systems :p


please provide the following infomation on your benchmark so we can have a better idea on your system

1) Processor
2) OS
3) Memory
4) Version of Photoshop
5) The Version of Photoshop action benchmark you use.

I used the one with the 10MB image
I did my test after a Clean Reboot to try to clear off redundant processes and also to reclaim back some of the lost memory.

1) G4-500
2) OSX
3) 512
4) 7
5) 7

Time to complete all 93.5 seconds

note you need to read the instructions to do the benchmark properly, one thing is that you need to right click on a small icon at the bottom of the image to open up the clock to time the processes.

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