Photoshoot gathering for new D50 users

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Sep 6, 2005
Bukit Panjang
I am grateful that ESPN has agreed to give us a tip or two if we go on a photoshoot with him.

We have agreed to meet at Funan MacDonalds at 1.30pm this Sat(17Sept). We are extending this invitation to newbies and pros to join us. The presence of "non-newbies" will certainly be able to help enlighten the new ones.

No need to register for the event. Just come with your equipment.. display it.. and look for a group fiddling around the D50. Please note that we are going for a walkaround photoshoot not a sit down talk session. So please don't be late otherwise, you may not see anyone.

Please also note that this is not a lesson, it is more of a make friends session OK.

If you want my hp number(in case you can only join us later), PM me. Thanks.

MO opportunities abound as newbies are ever so eager...right?

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