*Photoscholar* - Basic Digital Photography (4 sessions - March 5, 12, 19 and 26)

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Oct 16, 2008
Basic Digital Photography Workshop (March intake)

Good photography is all about making the right choices--and they aren't only the scary, technical ones.

Through live demonstrations and sample photographs, find out how making simple but critical decisions will dramatically improve your photography; learn to take control of your camera and solve real-world photography problems; and discover what makes a good photo good, and a bad photo rotten.

In four intensive lessons, instructor Lin Junjie provide participants with the fundamentals to advance their photography beyond the casual snapshots.

Outline: For the detailed outline and registration, please visit: http://photoscholar.com/courses/basic/

Lesson One -- Aesthetics

1. Decisions, decisions, decisions -- simple choices that dramatically improve your photography
2. Using visual devices -- techniques for making your subject and photo stand out from others
3. The decisive moment -- tips and tricks to getting the shot at the right time

Lesson Two -- Technical

1. Focusing and shutter release -- taking controls over autofocusing
2. Exposure -- it's all about light
3. Metering -- is there something like a correct exposure? how does the camera figure that out?

Lesson Three -- Light and lenses

1. Light -- understanding different types of and how to make the best out of the worst
2. Flash -- why you should turn off the flash in night and use it in bright daylight, balancing with ambient, troubleshooting
3. Lenses -- the vocabulary of photography; strengths, quirks and limitations, making sense of jargons

Lesson Four -- Learning to critique & intro to DI

1. Critiquing photographs -- what makes a good photo good and a bad photo rotten
2. Intro to digital imaging -- with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2, concepts applicable to all digital imaging software, learn the best techniques to shoot breathtaking panoramas
3. Going further -- wrapping up and further learning

Learn the best techniques for shooting breathtaking panoramas. 94-megapixels photo of Ayutthaya temple ruins stitched from 8 photos.

And how to use simple adjustment sliders in Lightroom to turn that panorama into this.


Starting 5th March 2009
Every thursday till 26 March
04 lessons of 02 hours each
Venue: 20A Smith Street (2 mins from Chinatown MRT station)


Students must have their own DSLR or compact camera with manual override features (such as Canon G10)

Fees & Registration

Course Fees: S$200/- pax

To register, please sign up at http://photoscholar.com/courses/basic/register/

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