Photography Scam Alert!!!

Aug 14, 2008

Received this email in the morning and was excited about this opportunity being hire for a photo shoot job in London with attractive package. Attached is the email message:

"Good Day

This is to notify you that having gone through your profile on your web site, 'DIAMOND STARS" has concluded plans to hire your services for the upcoming Fashion Show in London and Singapore.

Job brief details: This position is for a Breast Cancer photo shoot. You will need to photograph models topless whilst they are covered by relevant props.

Stated below is the summary of contract,

Working days/hours: 3days/4hrs in a week

Payment: 4,500usd/day

Location: 4 different locations. Flight ticket/Hotel will be provide as this is an all expense paid trip by our sponsor

Date: Event will take place in July.

We will require your approval via email

Quick response required.


This sound too good to be true so I went google search for scams and lucky to found another American photographer recieved the exact message some time back, this is his link.

Further search I found an article about similar scam on how they get your money...

I am fortunate today that I am able to find information on the website that was shared by people. My intend to make everyone aware of such scam going on and word of cautious. You maybe starting out and you maybe desperate to make a name of yourself but remember to do your homework and usually there is no free lunch!!!


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Aug 14, 2008
The people from the other side send me an email again, I guess he is in London time and he is awake now. He wants me to to respond with my email acceptance to the job... Hahaha I feel like telling him to go fly kite!


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
Tell them you do not have a bank account that can accept international money order.

Ask them to send you the advance via western union.


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