Photography Course -More than Basics..(Intake 8)

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May 11, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
Photography Course - More than Basics..... (Intake 8)

Hi Everyone,

I will be resuming the small group photography paid photography lessons. For this Month......Yes!!!! gotta slot for you guys & gals who are interested !!!!

This is to cater for those who may have less flexible timings on your weeks ends. This lessons are cut to cater for those who are starting up and would like to learn and take up photography.

There will be both theory and practicals (Day and Night) - as well as photo critiques session as you go along.

It will be a four sessions course - at you desired timeslots. Each time slot would be around 3 hours.

The group size would be restricted to 5 only (or more in special cases for work-place friends groups) - minimum 1 student.

Those who do not own any camera may still enrol. Here is the short description of the course content:

The course content would be as follows:
Part 1

- Camera (basic equipment)
- Fundamental of camera handling
- Shutter Speeds and its use + Practicals (deciding what to use)
- Aperture Sizes (Which one is right?) - Concept of Depth of Field
- Putting all in Harmony
- Practicals and guide session

Part 2

- Accessment of your composition
- Basic Composition guidelines
- What to use and when to use
- Knowing what others see (Group Sharing and critique)
- Practicals and guide session

Part 3

- Outdoor evening/night Shoot session - this will be an all practical practice/learn as you go
- flash photography - cncepts & secrets - will also be covered
- Photo Critique and Q&A

Part 4 (new for this intake onwards)

- Out Sunrise/Morning Shoot session
- Hands-on macro photography
- Photo Critique and Q&A

And lots More.....What i will assure you is Pure Confidence!!!!!
Many of my past student have gathers the courage to even conduct theor own sessions

Lessons 3/4 may be merged based on preferred timing of students.

As the timings of lessons may be based on students preferred timeslots,
there may be a time where you may be meeting with other groups in the class sequence.

I have students as young as 12 yrs old and Parents too. People of allwalks of life, families are welcome to enrol.

The example timeslots available are as follows:
Morning: 8am - 11am
Afternoon: 2pm- 5pm
Evening: 6pm - 9pm

The couse will begin anytime once anyone has enrolled.
The course fee is $65 per person. For group enrolment of 5,

Do sends me a PM or send me an SMS (97310674) for further enquiries.

Tentative dates & slots for next class:
Session 1 - 21st August 2005 (8.30am~12.00pm)
Session 2 - 27th August 2005 (8.30am~12.00pm)
Session 3- 27th August 2005 (5.30pm~9.00pm)
Session 4- 28th August 2005 (6.30am ~10.00am)



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Aug 20, 2005

Shanice here..

Anyway new coz during Sept? My frd n I will b interested to take up...


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Jan 30, 2005
upzzz for Sulhan n his course .

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