Photography contest prizes


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Feb 21, 2009
When you join a photography contest, it because the top prize is

1) photography equipment ( like PnS cameras, drybox)
2) your work is published (in magazines/newspapers or exhibited in shopping malls)
3) a medal or trophy ( that you can showcase in your living room or office)

Which is a better motivation for you to take part?

Just a casual discussion, not for any research purpose.

I am moving to a new place soon and decorating my living room. I only have two trophies to display :(
one is a soccer trophy and the other from a band competition. So if I were to take part in a photography contest, I wish the honours will come in form of a medal or trophy so that I can show off my achievements when guests visits. Camera equipment can be easily bought with money so it isn't really priceless :)

I normally don't enter photo contests. Last year I entered Sydney Photo marathon.

I learned something from it. When the weather turned foul and started to rain in the afternoon I packed up and went home.

The first prize was won by a Chinese girl. She continued shooting and produced the first prize. She shot a pool of water looked like a raised fountain or some sort with pedestrians carrying umbrellas rushing past in the background. You can see droplets on the water surface and some sticking to her lens.

This is something I learn: you can persevere to produce something great when you think it's impossible.

It's not the prize. It's the learning experience.


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Nov 27, 2011
I personally think money is most practical and it is the main reason for joining the contest. I'm referring to myself. Hahaa!

Yutaka Go

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May 22, 2010
I join contest for the following reasons

1) For fun - the theme interest me :)
2) For prize - the camera is the one I want for my next upgrade :)
3) For shutting the mouths of critics - who like to mock my photos but cannot produce any picture better than mine :bsmilie:

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