Photographers, PLZ READ THE T&C of Photo Competition BEFORE you submit!!!

Jan 5, 2008
I know that this topic has surfaced in the past... But here's another reminder to all photographers who will be submitting their photos to competitions in the near future.

This was taken from the rules and regulation of one of the local photo competition of a reputable magazine.

[MAGAZINE] retains the right to publish the contest entries to congratulate the winners and to promote future events.
[Acceptable] It's good exposure for the winning photographers as they are credited along with their winning title and photo.

Entries may be published by Sponsors, and/or their designees, licensees or affiliates (the "Authorised Parties") in magazines, on websites, or in any other medium, at Authorised Parties' discretion.
[NOT ACCEPTABLE] What has the images got to do with the Sponsors? Is it gonna appear in their product magazines? corporate websites? commercial billboard or tv ads??? Shouldn't the images be just tied to the competition itself?

By participating, all entrants grant a license in the Entries to the Authorised Parties, and acknowledge that any Authorised Party may use the entries and a name credit in any media now or hereafter known, without the restriction, including commercially using the entries to the fullest extent possible worldwide in perpetuity.
[NOT ACCEPTABLE] Which means the magazine and any of their 5-10 or unlimited sponsors can use your images in whatever way they like anywhere in the world which in turn generate millions of sales revenue for them collectively. BASICALLY, YOU GIVE AWAY YOUR IMAGE FOR FREE! Imagine if even established magazines can do this, and boost their own commercial picture library, and use thousands of images from this competition for free. All of which they would be able to reuse and resell to generate profits. So what does photographers earn then? NOTHING. This impacts the whole photography industry!

Authorised Parties will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such use. Entries become the property of Sponsors and will not be returned.
[NOT ACCEPTABLE] THE BEST PART? They even state that they will not tell you if they use your images! And not required to pay any additional considerations (they actually do mean $$$ money $$$, btw...).The images belongs to the Sponsors! How can you be sure they will credit you? At this point, the photo does not belongs to you anymore. It's not about the $$ anymore. Your rights are gone.

If you feel something is not right,

Please note that this is not a time for us photographers to slam or flame each other. This is a very important reminder for us educated and well-informed photographers to stand up for our work and stand up for what's right. Anybody in the world should be paid what you deserve, nothing is for free.

Let's Unite!

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Sep 17, 2008
actually.... it was already done before...
we didnt breakdown, we just simply highlighted that people need to read clearly.

but u shld know. u cannot take a gun and force someone who wants to give up his rights to... well not give up his rights.

just a reminder too.

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Aug 27, 2003
I do not participate in any of these competitions because I strongly feel that these marketing companies have realized that these T&C are very favorable to them and that this is the most economical method to get lots of FREE images at a very low costs (as in the prizes, most of them sponsored).


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Nov 26, 2006
Look on the bright side of things. At least for those starting out, you can get your images recognized.


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Nov 28, 2005
Look on the bright side of things. At least for those starting out, you can get your images recognized.
Nope, because you lose all rights and credits to the image.

Sep 17, 2008
Look on the bright side of things. At least for those starting out, you can get your images recognized.

recognised by who or by what? ur saying as though u win every single competition

Look on the bright side of things. At least for those starting out, you can get your images recognized.
If you are conscious that you've spent time, effort and money to get to a place at the right moment to make a great shot which is able to make u recognized, then it is even more important that you safeguard the rights of your image. More so if you think this possible recognition is going to gain you assignments, endorsements, purchase of your image in prints by collectors; then you should ensure no one take this image from you and make use of it COMMERCIALLY without compensation!

In the current case, there really isnt a case of recognition through photography competition compared to the major international competitions, which will do it best to safeguard the interest of the participating photographers and their Sponsors. This particularly competition has had much better rules in the past few years but it seems it is no longer the case this year.

The photography industry isn't blooming like it was before with the advance of technology and high end cameras become more of a main stream commodity. This in turn impacts the industry, particularly on photographers. So it is very important that competition organisers, sponsors and participating media understand the impact on sustainability of this industry by safeguarding the photographers out there!

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Jul 12, 2008
Palin and simple just don't participate. Everything has T&C attached to it. If one want his/her works to be known
this is a quick avenue for exposure if not just publish in CS,flickr,facebook,photobucket etc etc..

This is commercialism no choice.

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