Photographers missing in Iraq

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Feb 20, 2002
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Originally posted by swampthing
Sad yes, but also completely understandable and here's why (stuff CNN damn well knows, but neglected to put in the article).

The Iraqi's have every legal right to expel, detain or imprision or execute her as a spy in a time of war (ie: the present).


1) She is on a Tourist Visa, not on a Work Visa as a photojournalist.

2) She is American.

3) She has connections with a beligerant powers government in an offical capacity (that is not as a photojournalist). ie: Al Gores official photographer which tends to suggest she may have been a member of his staff, though this is by implication only and conjecture on my part.

4) She has the contact information of an Ex US Vice president in her possession.

The Tourist Visa violation is sufficient grounds for explusion from any country, as tourists aren't permitted to carry out any 'paid' work while on vacation in another country.

Secondly any photojournalist, be they freelance or agency based must be accredited when working in a foreign country. This is nomally a simple proceedure.

Finally, anyone who is stupid enough to go in to a potential warzone carrying contact information of an Ex Vice President of the country that's about to start an illegal war on the country you are illegally working in deserves everything they get.


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Oct 30, 2002
So guys this is a good senario for us. On one post, where one of the club members suggested that during an emergency alarm broke out in the building, he would get some photo shoot of the fire situation.

On this post the lady got killed, if in a fire situation, we can be a prime suspect and would get charge in court for the crime we did not do.


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