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Feb 17, 2005
I am booked solid for Pre-school photography shoots from May onwards as part of my business. Need freelance photographers on a school by school basis. The criteria is as follows;

1. Good with kids (Not too scary looking & must be able to at least get them to smile and feel comfortable.
2. Free during appointed weekdays between 9 am to 4 - 5 pm typically. (Not everyday. Only the days you are assigned to do the shoot)
3. Have your own (preferable) 6.3megapixel cam (minimum specs) with external flash.
4. A good basic foundation (understanding of) in picture-taking.

I don't really need (or want actually) award winning photographers who'll spend 15 minutes on each shot but at least you must have a working knowledge of use of light, bounce flash, camera settings etc. It's almost an informal sort of shoot. Snap snap snap quickly and smoothly. But I have a clear SOP of exactly what is to be done. No studio equipment involved. Just the cam and a flash.

Pay - Don't really want to discuss it here - at least until I find the right candidates. I will say it's based on number of kids photographed so it does add up. Some of my guys can do 100 kids a day. One girl is happy snapping 60 per session but her shots are always very good. I will say I do pay promptly.

It's a matter of finding the right pace with an eye on maintaining the quality of shots and enjoying the fun of photographing kids and interacting with the school's staff.

In a nutshell, you're good with kids, have some free time on some weekdays between 9 am to 4/5 pm+, have a cam (preferable) and know how to use it, want to earn some extra $ doing what you love, are punctual and reliable, aren't a weirdo or a mean-spirited type and lastly able to organize the photos by class and student for processing on my end.

I have lots of assignments. You could choose to do a few small schools with 60 to 80 kids each or take on a big chain of 1000 kids. I'll asign based on your availability, proximity to your residence, constraints, etc

Due to my teeny-weeny PM mailbox size please email me at instead. Please also don't reply through this thread..might get busy and your info should be treated as confidential.

Info I Need; (since kids are iinvolved, I have to screen
Name, Age, Gender, Area of Residence, Contact Nos, Cam you own (if applicable), have external flash?, Availability (Mon, Thu - all day, up to 4 pm - after 15 May etc), Experience in photography, some info about yourself, your current / last profession, Interests (if possible - so I can learn more about you)...& any other useful information.

I'll either call you or email you and then arrange a meeting / briefing for the good people I'lll have the honour of working with.

Thanks for reading

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