Photographer for maternity shoot


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Oct 25, 2017

I am requesting for an experienced photographer for a maternity shoot anytime next week from 14 Jan to 20Jan.
Budget is S$150 with edited photos.

If interested, please send to and indicate your
1. availability for next week timing and date.
2. Portfolio



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Feb 8, 2009
You want experienced photographer but paying peanuts, must cater to your timing and show you portfolio? Save the 150, use your hand phone lah

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
To be fair to advertiser/consumer he should expect to get what he's paying for,therefore want to see portfolio comensurate with experience.

The first principle of marketing is one can not charge more than the market can bear meaning affordability with respect to disposable income.

Every photographer should charge whatever he/she thinks it's worth on where he/she skills/level are at.If one charges a high price then there will be pressure to deliver the quality.

Sure phone cams have the quality to produce good photos but shooting selfies is not the same bcause of perspective of view. Believe me using phone camera does not have the tactile feel of a proper one.

I have seen the maternity photos on cs here and some are good meaning photos are well posed and exposed but there is something missing.The spontaneity of the moment.Most are copies of western style posing and lighting.What's so great about mummy or daddy looking or trying to look admiringly at belly of mummy.The genuine expression of their feelings are missing.It takes more than a fancy camera,props and lighting to produce a quality product or photo.There are photographers and then photographers that have the skill to extract genuine feelings and you don't develop this overnight despite having fancy gear.They shoot from the heart.

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