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Sep 12, 2008
i am really darn pissed!
can some kind soul tell me which country is the headquarter of Photobook?

i had submitted my order to m'sia & the book reach me with 1 loose page. Hence i dropped an email requesting for action to be taken. In less than an hour, the reply came & promised that the replacement will reach me in less than a wk. Pleased to hear that, i didnt question anymore & arranged for my family member to stay at home to wait for the courier to come so that she can handover the faulty book in place of the replacement.
To my horror, they didnt even bother to inform me when they changed their mind about replacing me the book! When i emailed them to check on the status, they claimed that they are waiting for me to send them photo evidence of the book before they can take action!

They dont even have the courtesy to take the initiative to inform me about not able to keep to their original promise of sending me the replacement in exchange of the faulty one!

If the samaritians out there are willing to fight justice along with me & hear my grievances, i can forward you the email correspondences for your better understanding.

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Mar 7, 2005
Amazon Forest
Never expect someone to also encounter the same problem as me with this vendor. They made a mistake and blame it on my fault, never even bother to follow up too.

That fellow also claim to exchange which never and no reply after that even though I sent many emails!

Simply lack professional service. Before you make payment, everything seems so easy and email reply support are as fast as within few hours. After payment and feedback about having issue with the book, they only gave one reply to explain the situation and treat rest of the emails as trash after that.

By the way, I also rate the book binding :thumbsd:, anyone can tell when look at the book personally.


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Dec 1, 2006
Dear Friends,

Customer service is an important aspect of our business. Beside product improvements, we constantly find new ways to improve our interaction and customer care.

For the above post, we would like to know what the issue is and will fix it. Please email me personally at mark <@> (remove <>). Indicate your support ticket number. We will be happy to look into it as soon as possible.

As for our hard cover binding, the technology used has won many industry awards. For details of how our binding is done, please visit

Kind Regards,
Mark K.

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