Photo taken during my tour

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I liked 0006.

The seagull one was a bit too cluttered for my liking, cos there were so many seagulls and the boat & buildings behind the birds.

0007 & 0008 have pretty interesting skies. Did u use filters? Not too sure about the lens flare though... from my viewpt as a newbie, it doesnt really add much to the photo for me, perhaps the older birds would care to correct me?

0010 i think would have been nice closer cropped. seems to me that the stones add a lot of noise to the picture. Again, only my opinion. Having said that though, the subject is interesting & cute :bsmilie:

0014 seems a bit over exposed to me... as in the sky's burnt out & the colours look a bit cold. But the juxtaposition of the horizontal bands of rock and the vertical cracks is interesting. Perhaps another perspective & lighting condition would have made a better photo?

0044 is the nicest of the lot i think... reminds me ot LOTR.. and seeing how it was taken in NZ, it might have very well been the site??

0026 also reminds me of LOTR... haha the part where Aragorn and Gimli and Legolas are chasing the Orcs.=) The sky's a nice hue of blue...=)

It's probably just me, but somehow pictures of flowers dont do it for me.=) SO shall not comment on those.=)

Yep... Overall, think the photos were pretty nice.=) I also want to go NZ and take photos!! heh.. any sponsors??

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