photo sharing session with offstone guys

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Jan 17, 2002

if you guys are free this coming sat.
28 dec 2002. 2:30pm till 4:30pm

join us at the Venue, National History Museum, Sultan Hussein room.

joins us for a photo sharing session, the guys there are mostly more serious amatures, so if you want useful comments on your pictures.. do some with some photos to share :)


pls refer to this thread

Just to add, in case the long thread puts you off from getting the details.

To get to Sultan Hussein Room (SHR), just inform the counter staff at the main entrance that you're attending a photo critique session and you'll be given directions and a map.

If you're driving, you can contact Ah Lay to arrange for parking slots. I suppose, like all other car parks, that spaces are limited and should be on a first-come-first-serve basis. This, of course, is my presumption and should be verified with Ah Lay.

This is an informal gathering so pls feel free to come with your works to share. Pls don't think it's some chim critique session as many CSers think is the general mood at OS. You can expect some serious critique going on but that doesn't stop anyone from having just a chat at another corner of the room, yeah?

Hope we can see some CSers there! :)



so whos going later?



I can bring photo but in cd can?

Hi guys,

Offstoners, with our new look, will be having a gathering this Sun 26 Jan 3.30 - 5.30pm at Sultan Hussein Room, History Museum. More info here.

Pls feel free to bring your works along to share. We have snacks, drinks and lucky draw prizes to go around too!

So join us on Sun! :)

p/s: If you intend to do a presentation, there will be at least an iBook with a projector. Not too sure if there will be a slide projector. Arm yourself with a CD of your stuff and you'll be set to go.

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