Photo recovery

Apr 12, 2006
need some help abt photo recovery. Sometime back I was shooting with a 5D 2 and a Sandisk Ultra 16gb. As I shoot I review the photos on the LCD screen, they were displayed as per normal.

However when I try to transfer to pc using a card reader, it showed "corrupted card". I insert the Cf back into the camera and it showed "This card cannot be used". I tried again with 2 other card reader and on both Win 7 and Win XP, still no luck.

I've used a few recovery software but it only able to recover those photos taken mths earlier. I was using the same card on the same morning on the day this corrupted card incident, everything was fine: shoot and transfer, all ok. The card got problem on the same night.

Anyone has experience with such incident before? May I ask for your help. The photos are very important.

Thnks for your kind attention



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Dec 4, 2009
Hard to help you on this, if those pics arreally important I saw a shop in funan that does data recovery for small mediums like USB thumbdrive, cf cards etc. Try visiting them I I think 2nd or 3rd floor its the side where pizza hut is. Good luck.

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