Photo exhibition @ Utterly Art: "My Sisters: Their Stories" - a photo documentary

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Jun 5, 2004
Where: Utterly Art Gallery, 208 South Bridge Road, 2nd level

When: 7 - 1 7 October.
(Mon-Sat: 1130am to 8pm)
(Sun: 12pm to 530pm)

for enquiries: please call 6225.2605, email:

Lance's solo exhibition features twenty over images from the photographer's first documentary book about transsexuals "My Sisters: Their Stories". The book was a best seller in MPH and it was highlighted in Straits Times' headlines when it was launched.

Exhibition opening
7 October, 7pm Thursday
Art buyers, creative directors and editors (practically the folks i work with) and patrons of the gallery will be there. So if you are an aspiring photographer looking for more work and contacts, this is a pretty good chance to network.

Introduction by exhibition curator, Kenneth
In the words of Eugene W. Smith, ?Humanity is worth more than a picture of humanity that serves no purpose other than exploitation.? Lance emulates Smith's philosophy in his work. Unlike stereotypical photojournalistic work, especially on transgender topics like this, Lance's subjectivity brings out the humanism and the emotional complexity in these situations. His photographs are always honest and reverent. In the case of this photo-exhibition entitled My Sisters, Their Stories, the sheer purity of
truth in the pictures arose primarily out of Lance?s patience and gentle
perseverance, which earned him the friendship of the transsexuals he
photographed. Lance never manipulated the subjects, but allowed them to be free to be whomever they wished to portray. He knew that sooner or later, their true selves would be revealed. For the trust and confidence they had in Lance, he too was free to photograph them as they were, and are.

Here are portraits, depicting the lives of transsexuals, but they are more
than mere documentation of their ?alleged? lives, as we might have imagined.
Here are images that are momentous and yet, executed with remarkable
control. These portraits reduce life into single moments, to the very pulses
of the heart. Frozen in time they might be, but like eager children, the
pictures want to reach out, to share their thoughts, to invite you to
explore with them. So many photojournalistic images require words, or
cutlines in conjunction to explain themselves, but Lance's pictures retain
such communicative power that they inspire words to life, instead of vice

However, portraying the moment does not mean indulging in random snap shots.
These images are exquisitely composed, retaining their intimacy of the
moment as a result of the photographer?s close interaction with the sisters,
which stripped the self-consciousness out of close-up shots. Robert Capa,
who used to say, "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close
enough", would certainly have approved.

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