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May 15, 2009
Presence: A Duet In Imagery

Presence is the third of White Canvas Gallery’s programmed exhibitions for 2010. Focusing on notions of temporality and being, the photographs taken by Balangue and Ghrayeb are meditative takes on poignant moments that may go unnoticed, had it not been for the respectful intervention of the artist turned witness and storyteller. We are drawn by their unique viewpoints to explore these moments, taken from various parts of the world, to pause and think about our common human condition. Whether it is through the contemplative works of Ghrayeb whose works have underlying themes of intimacy, vulnerability and humility; or the gritty works of Balangue that have a distinct quality of having the feel of stills from a black and white motion film that focuses on the beautiful moments in the mundane, we are invited to see the interplay of identity, place and time in each picture.

The Artists

Bubuy Balangue is a photographer who studied film and audio-visual communication from the University of the Philippines. His passion lies in capturing images, telling a story and seeing the world differently. He has had several exhibits in his home country, most recent of which is “Subway Scenes in Europe” (2009). His work has been published in local and international publications like Photolife of Canada, Travelife and Lifestyle Asia. He started photography in 1984 and 26 years hence, he is still juggling from film to digital photography, waiting for a moment.

Nassim Ghrayeb traces the exact moment he knew photography was for him when he hand printed a picture in a black and white photography development course he took fourteen years ago. He saw then that the photograph he developed was not a reflection of reality but an expression of his mood and imagination. He finds creative, emotional and spiritual expression in photography. Nassim is a wanderer who has lived in many countries. He currently resides in Dubai, U.A.E.

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Date: 11th August to 28th August '10

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