[Photo Contest] The 3rd Cheongsim Calendar Photo Contest

May 26, 2010
~Prologue of Contest~​

What meaning does family have to you?

Very lovable children, companion felt like a child, new member of family tied by support,
lifelong friends sharing deeper friendship than love and my room making my body and mind relaxed…

Please, discover ‘family’ giving you power in your daily life.​

<2009 The 2nd Cheongshim Callendar Photo Contest Wineers Work>​

&#9678;Contest Details&#9678;

&#9632; Subject
&#12288;- Family

&#9632; Participation
&#12288;- Everyone

&#9632; Period of Public Contest
&#12288;- 24 May, 2010 ~ 15 July, 2010 (53 days)

&#9632; Entry of Works
&#12288;- jpg photo more than 3000pixel, internet application
&#12288;- http://www.cheongshim.com/event2010/eng/index.asp

&#9632; Prize Money
&#12288;- Global Award (1 person) -------------- KRW 5.0 million (about USD $4,000)

&#12288;- Netizen Award (1 person) ------------- KRW 1.0 million (about USD $800)

&#12288;- Family Award (1 person) -------------- KRW 1.0 million (about USD $800)

&#12288;- Creation Award (12 persons) --------- KRW 0.3 million (about USD $240)

&#12288; * 2011 Cheongsim Calendar is produced by awarded works.
&#12288; * Pay prize money to awarder, changing won to dollars.
&#12288; * Receivable amount may defer depending on exchange rate.

&#9632; Announcement of Awarded Works
&#12288;- 19 Aug, 2010

&#9632; Exhibition of Awarded Works
&#12288;- Gapyeong Exhibition : 4 Oct, 2010 ~ 8 Oct, 2010
&#12288;- Seoul Exhibition : 11 Oct, 2010 ~ 17 Oct, 2010

&#9632; Copyright and Regulations related to Public Contest
&#12288;1. The accepted works are not returned.

&#12288;2. Copyright of awarded works and film belongs to the host organizer.

&#12288;3. Please, original file and film after awarded works are announced.

&#12288;4. Problems of portrait rights and copyright related to awarded worksassume the responsibility for exhibiters.

&#12288;5. After awarding, when awarded works turn out to be plagiarism or selected works of other public contests,
&#12288;&#12288; the winning of a prize is cancelled and certificate of award and prize money must be returned to the host organizer.

&#12288;6. When similar works pertinent to serial photographing in the same situation as other public contests are selected,
&#12288;&#12288; the winning of a prize in the public contest can be cancelled by self-deliberation, and certificates of award and prize money must be
&#12288;&#12288; returned to the host organizer.

&#12288; *Detailed contents may be changed partially according to internal conditions.

&#9632; Inquiry
&#12288;- Brand Marketing Team: event@cheongshim.com
&#12288;- Cheongsim Twitter&#12288;&#12288;: http://twitter.com/cheongshim_foto

&#9632; Host Organization
&#12288; Cheongsim IT, Cheonju cheongpyeong Training Center,
&#12288; Cheongsim International Hospital, Cheongsim Village,
&#12288; Cheongsim International Youth Training Center, Cheongsim FMS,
&#12288; Cheongsim Graduate School of Theology, Cheongsim Distribution,
&#12288; Cheongsim Kindergarten and Nursery, Cheongsim Peace World Center,
&#12288; Cheongsim International High School, Cheongsim Construction Group


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May 26, 2010
This photo contest is hosted by an education company group named 'Cheongshim' in Korea.

If you want to know more about our contest, click on the link below,
then you can see the winning works of the contest in the last couple of years.

2008, 2009 Winning works of last contests

Starting from this year, foreigners are allowed to paticipate in the contest,
so we encourage and woleheartedly welcome you to participate in the contest from all around the World!

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