Phase One launches C1 REBEL for Canon 300D

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Apr 25, 2002
from the same company that introduced CaptureOne DSLR workflow software to the photographic world...

C1 REBEL™ RAW Workflow V1.0 for Windows

"Phase One, the world leader in professional digital imaging camera backs and image-processing software, is pleased to announce the official release of their C1 REBEL™ RAW Workflow V1.0 for Windows. This latest
version in the C1 DSLR line of RAW Workflow Software supports the Canon 300D REBEL™ Digital SLR exclusively, and will be available at an introductory price of $29. As of November 15th the price will be $49."

Some Key features of C1 REBEL™ Software:
  • Fully color-managed camera profiles included; third-party profiles supported
  • Select conversion settings for each image, or apply a setting to selected images
  • Thumbnail browser – thumbnails reflect current conversion settings
  • Real-time preview of conversion settings
  • Conversion settings for all image files are saved between sessions
  • Batch or individual image conversion
  • Background conversion allows editing process to continue while batch converting (max. 20 image files)
  • Rapid proofing to JPEG or TIFF with image conversion settings applied (approx. 3 seconds per image)
  • Interactive Cropping Tool
  • Exposure compensation (+/- 2.5 EV)
  • Levels and Curves adjustments (with new fine adjustment mode)
  • Sharpening adjustments with interactive full-size preview
  • etc, etc.
"C1 REBEL™ is available for download and purchase from and The download will run in evaluation mode with no limitations for a 15-day free trial period.

A future release of C1 REBEL™ V2.0 will include support for the popular Canon Powershot™ “Point & Shoot“ cameras that support the RAW image format and will be a free upgrade to all registered users of C1 REBEL™ V1.0. In addition, C1 PRO™ (Win/Mac) will offer 300D support in soon to be released free-of-charge upgrades for registered users."

For more info, visit

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