Ph. Art Gallery Photo Competition Winner

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Mar 5, 2002
Was looking for the earlier thread about this competition but think it was closed by the TS...
Anyway, the result has been announced... Once again, Mr Suhaimi has done Singapore proud by winning yet another international photo competition.

His Winning entry can be seen at :

All other entries:

From the press release:

Australian based photography site Ph.Art Gallery ( has awarded photographers from
around the globe with its international “Pride of Place” competition.
First prize went to Suhaimi Abdullah from Singapore, second prize to George Cook of Australia and third prize to
Johan Ensing of the Netherlands.
Numerous nationalities filled the notable mentions category.
“The standard was mind blowing” commented Andrew Coppin CEO and founder of the rapidly growing on line
Gallery. “We are based in Sydney but our membership is global, there are no boundaries in our outlook and no
boundaries it seems when it comes to the talent of our members”.
The winning composition, 'My Livelihood' by Suhaimi Abdullah is a sensitive portrait of an elderly man making his
daily rice in Kuala Medang, Malaysia. It was chosen out of over 2000 entries, by four judges from all corners of the
globe; Singapore, UK, Australia and the US.

Suhaimi’s first prize has earned him The Ultimate Photography Exposure & Reward Package including: An Olympus
E-30 DSLR Camera with a 14-54mm lens; a PR, Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Material Package; and a
Sponsored Travel Photography Assignment to the value of AUD $2000. The total prize pool was worth over $20,000.
Still shaking his head in disbelief Suhaimi commented laughingly, “I am born and bred in Singapore. I am still
speechless at having won this international competition. Am I allowed to scream?”
The real prize according to Andrew Coppin is the opportunity for Australian photographers, amateur, beginners or
professionals to mix it with passionate peers from all over the world.
“Our gallery is free to join and members are free to upload and sell their photographic work to the world. Members
like Suhaimi and all the other winners grace our forums daily - there’s no better place to learn about and share your

Once again, congrats to Suhaimi!! Well done dude!! 3 cheers!! :cheergal::cheergal::cheergal:


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Oct 27, 2003
congrats to suhaimi for doing singapore and cs proud! :thumbsup:


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Sep 24, 2007
Bukit Batok Street24
Congrats Suhaimi, I know you are special. This is you second first prize, last year you got one. And I think you are in Club Med in Bali shooting now . ( He is one of the ten selected international photographers to go to Bali) You are excellent.


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May 4, 2005
Thank you to all friends in CS.
I sincerely hope to do Singapore and CS proud in time to come, again.
As they say, the sky is the limit.

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