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Oct 20, 2014
Hello Guys,

I was just thinking, while travelling, as much as I love to take photographs myself, I sometimes wish that there was someone else who could help take good photos of me and my friends, instead of me being the sole "designated" group photographer. I usually have almost no photos of myself when I travel with friends since I'm always the one lugging the DSLR around.

Recently I met a few guys who were trying to create a start-up which solves such a problem. Basically their idea is to create a platform that serves as an intermediary between local photographers in cities around the world, and leisure travellers who are seeking a fuss-free way of capturing memories of their time abroad. Ideally the photographers would be hired to follow the travellers during certain periods to key attractions during their holiday to help them take photos etc, so I'm guessing the platform is some sort of an "Air BnB" concept/platform to hire photographers.

Any thoughts or opinions on such an idea? :)



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Jan 24, 2014
Singapore (west)
I think it's all down to how much it will cost to me. At the end of the day, the cost is going to be a part of my travel budget, which is usually very tight (a poor backpacker here...). To have it works, I think the cost has to be justified (in 1 word, CHEAP), as nowadays people can just pick up their handphone or P&S camera, and still produce decent photos.

Another thing is, some people (just me maybe...) might think those photos I shot are my personal memory, from what I see and the way I see during my trip. Having another person to take those photos for me, is kinda... unnecessary... as I want to be reminded by the photos I took myself, how I've spent my time during those travels.

For scenery photos, if someone were to shot for me, it will becomes meaningless (might as well grab a photo from google). For group photo including myself, a tripod (or DSLR or Mirrorless or Handphone) works good enough. If you noticed the trend lately, selfie stick is rocking it every place.

I think personal travel photography service, might end up as a luxury that most of the people can't or won't afford.

Just my 2 cents. I wish you guys can work it out, and create a whole new trend for photography. Good luck!

Jan 26, 2002
Well may wrk with the rich & well-heeled, there has always been personal photographers, drivers, chef, shoppers...

Is this advertising? quite sure I seen tis Ad b4..

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Jul 9, 2008
I have a friend who does it for the high listed and affluent, around ballpark of $XXX per work hour and usually package down to a per trip deal, its not as an easy job as people might think for its common to cross over to many gen


Aug 18, 2009
This idea has been around for sometime. I get call from people travelling to Singapore and ask if I could attach to them during their visit and take pictures of them. Some hotels also call up and ask on behalf of their guest.
I think the price is a determining factor and also whether you are comfortable with the idea of having a photographer attached to you.
For me, I prefer to travel and enjoy the trip alone or with my friends, rather than having some stranger following me the whole day :)


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Jul 23, 2007
Photographer who is also the tour guide might work.


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Dec 31, 2004
I thought a self standing monopod is all you need for some family shots while travelling? or just ask someone to snap a shot lor... That's easier...

If people want professional photos done, they will search and find you anyway, I have done a lot of those usually during year end but the key is the turn around time would have to be faster.

Just my thought.




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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
In the end it is about price.

How low can the photographer get paid? need to travel with the group all the way, walking, climbing, even have to eat meals with them. Costs is quite high, and we are not even talking about the photographer fee. Are the travelers willing to spend that kind of money? Are the photographers willing to work for a pittance for such hard work?

How much will the travelers be willing to pay, versus getting a local photographer for just one day. versus a tripod and monopod, versus asking strangers or their tour guide to take some group shots for them.... Travelers willing to get good photos done and at good rates will hire an established photographer locally.

IMHO It will be a tough sell...


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Apr 26, 2008
Can't help wonder if this will lend itself more to those looking for non-professional options.

Imagine this, travellers who are glad to have a local instagrammer cover their trip with a cellphone + instagram. The couchsurfing model comes to mind (, where no money changes hands. It's not intended to be a substitute for a professional service — You couchsurf because you want to experience the country and its people in a different way, not because you want to stay in a hotel for free... And even if you are after free lodging, you know you're not expecting hotel standards.

No, hospitality on Couchsurfing is free. A host should never ask a guest to pay for their lodging, and a guest should not offer. We do recommend that a guest show their appreciation by cooking a meal, taking the host out, bringing a small gift or offering some other gesture. Hosts should only offer what they are able to offer freely, and say what those things are clearly in the Couch Information in their profile. If there are some things that can’t be offered unless the Couchsurfers agree to share the cost, this should be discussed between the host and surfer (and should never be a requirement for hosting).


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Aug 27, 2003
this concept is already in play in some countries where the main Tour Guide is also the official photographer. Google and you should find them.

As for friends, if you are the one and only shooter in your group, and if you are a little cheapo, then just voice out that maybe everyone can help to foot out something for your contributions, like free air ticket, or hotel stay, etc... But usually i would happily shoot for others without me inside because I will know that I was the photographer for that photo, and that is good enough for me.


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Feb 6, 2014
I recently saw one of my ex-colleagues who visited Paris and hired such a service. I believe it was somewhere around 300 euros for 2hrs in 2 locations.

It is surprising that Singapore does not already have one in place.

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