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hi, i prefer the first one but i think that the composition for both is a bit dull and can be improved by contrasting the background color against the bottle color to make the product stand out.

you can browse thru ads in magazines for more inspiration on the use of placement of text, fonts used and the kerning (spacing between the lettering). :) imo, you don't need 'pour homme' for both photos....make them into portrait formats and you'll have a nice perfume series.


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Mar 16, 2002
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The first one has a little underexposure of the nozzle. But in the first place, it should be taken with the cap on.

2nd one is a little dull in terms of lighting. It could also use a little sharpening of the words on the bottle.

In both cases, usually you would take the whole bottle and not crop off the bottom. I agree with isomer to lose the "pour homme" words. Maybe replacing it with some marketing tagline might be more appropriate?

The landscape layout is ok with me, with preference for the first one. The second shot has left too little space on the right and does not look like a deliberate use of space.

In general, still prefer the first shot between the two... have fun!

Jun 15, 2003
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Thanks Thanks.

Will try to improve. My white reflector is not reflecting enough light onto it. Tried using fill in flash from my flash gun but it is confusing the camera white balance I think. I have to do something on the reflector already.

Y this colour. Actually I have a 4 x 18 watts fish tank light sitting around in the house. So might as well take it out and try to exprience still life with back lights. The kelvins of the lighting is around 6000k to 6500k as it is a daylight tubes.

Anymore advise or idea to share???

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