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May 18, 2006
Fight Club – A Chorus
In collaboration with (Singapore) and post theater [new york / berlin / tokyo]
Thursday 8 November – Saturday 10 November
Gallery Theatre, Basement

If you feel like a hamster running in a wheel, unleash your tensions by casting your urbanite frustrations on Fight Club — A Chorus, as its performers take on the identities of stereotypical office employees in what resembles a fictive non-fighting ‘fight club’.

The 48-member chorus made up of professional and amateur performers is given just one minute of fame on stage. This is a performance that will mirror the sense of urgency felt by the audience in their day-to-day dealings with life. The show builds slowly from an empty stage and heightens to a full, packed scene of 48 bodies.

This production focuses on the majority of Singaporeans — urban individuals who toil in their roles as unsung workers every day. It rummages into our lives and uncovers the stress we face as individuals in these modern times, including harsh contemporary work conditions, schizophrenia, and an extreme desire for stardom.

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