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Aug 14, 2008

Shot with a E510, kit lens.

One of the first outdoor phototaking attempts (if you wonder why it's always "one of the first", it's cause there's been no time to bring the camera around of late)

Taken while having dinner one day. I do understand that there is a problem due to the fact that the guy is cut off halfway, though cropping him off seems to cause the covering lines of the picture to not have as much of an impact as it does (at least to me).

Would like critique mainly on:
1) Composition (Is it really really unforgivable to have the guy sitting there. Was a spontaneous photo, and it didn't occur to me then to get him to move away for a little while)

Any other general comments are much welcomed! Thanks.


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Jul 25, 2006
Absoutely. If you want to include him, include him, and if not, then exclude him fully. It being a spontaneous shot does not mean you have to not put any thought into the compositional elements.


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Feb 15, 2003
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since u know about the chopped into 1/2, shall not elaborate much.

but i do wanna know, what is the focus of this picture? you are saying, people watching, but is it the other way round, watching people? or u mean in a different tone as in the same as watching people.

its nothing more than a snapshot, b&w processed, posted in internet. correct me otherwise.

well to further elaborate on your point if i was the one taking, i'd probably not have so much empty space on top, and probably use a lens which would most probably reflect what my eyes would be seeing... for yours i guess something like a 25mm lens, something that gives a wysiwyg feeling. even a wide angle would be better. and also, the subjects should be engaging rather than 'just there', engaging doesn't mean they have to look at you, engaging in a meaning they should be a reason why i am taking this shot and why am i watching them.

think about it and probably go reshoot again.

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