Pentax KX or Canon 450d?

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Jun 3, 2009
I'm stuck between Pentax kx and Canon 450d.
Heard a lot of good reviews about Pentax kx but friends are kinda against the idea (they prefer Canon)
So, which one should I really go for? I need more suggestions. Thank you! :)


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Apr 21, 2007
U should be looking at canon 500d & pentax kx, both are excellent cams but if u r concern for $$$ then get kx, as lenses are much affordable.... If u buying into a system instead of just a cam then go for C lo

Nov 15, 2008
Kiasu Nation
So have you done your research yet? If so you will know that Kx is much much better than 450D in every aspect. Your friends only recommend you canon because they know nothing about pentax and how good the cameras from pentax are.

So it is up to you. Pay much more just for the popular "Canon" image or paying much lesser by going for the just as good if not much better Pentax


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Nov 28, 2005
Between those two, KX easy.


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Nov 24, 2008
well if thats your budget and you dont need video feature nor intend to collect lenses...see if can get a second hand Pentax K20D.


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Dec 6, 2009
Singapore | East
I go for Pentax, built-in body stabilizer. No need to fork out for expensive stabilized lenses.

But decision is yours, we can only advise as you are the one paying, enjoying and i hope you will not regret.

All the best!


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Jul 23, 2007
Kx certainly from the 2 choices.
Its a newer model, bringing with it good/improved features that even newer models from competing brands find hard to match. (on-camera HDR; on-camera shake reduction; Spot meter; very good high ISO noise reduction)


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Aug 23, 2005
Central Singapore
Just drop by the Pentax section under equipment discussion. You can see photo samples, get more info, make new Pentax friends and also get addicted to Pentax lenses. ;)

Sep 28, 2008
definately k-x with their recent price drop . i think k-x is the best value for $ entry level dslr .


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Dec 13, 2005
i am a canon user, but between these 2, the KX wld be a better cam, unless u intend to borrow/share lenses wif yr friends regularly :)

KX is priced very well. With regards to Image stabilisation. Canon's IS is about the best in business, having used Sony, Olympus b4.

Jul 5, 2007
You should try it out both first. Kx is very mechanical noisy which you must know but noise control is good.


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Sep 8, 2005
I've not used either camera before but if I was to get 1 below $1000, it would definitely be KX. It doesn't mean if it's Canon or Nikon, it must be good. At every price level, there will be certain models from various brands that excel. KX in this case is better than 450d in almost every aspect and worth much more.

Pentax is one of the pioneers in photography, they have the capability to produce good products. If it's not good, it won't create a big hoo-ha in the online community. I trust forums and online reviews more than friends because this is the place where experienced users get together and provide real feedback on products. Many comments were made by experienced DSLR users of various brands throughout the years.

Most people just say Canon and Nikon blindly for camera, it's just a perception without any prove. This is marketing at work, you see Canon advertisements everywhere but not pentax so it's less well known. But think this way, KX uses its capability to make itself well known, praised by users around the world.

I only believe what I see, we have solid evidence here that KX is an excellent camera based on users experience and the photos.

Ultimately most of the suggestions posted are still based on user reviews so it is ultimately trusting someone else.

The best thing that you can do is read reviews, listen to opinions, then taking that feedback as information and with a unbiased frame of mind, go inspect and handle the cameras yourself.

It is hard, yes. Most humans end up with a bias one way or another.

Ultimately you have to take it, feel it, like it before buying it.

However, do consider my points of thought:

Canon is vastly more popular as you can see... but true, it's expensive. Most of the price goes into marketing. However the penetration means that you have more other photographers that you can borrow lenses to test test and try try. Join any photoshoot and see for yourself the rarity of Pentax.

That said, I am quite partial to the Canon interface system with the in-eyepiece information (that was the selling point for canon over nikon in the end for me).

However, go do your research on Pentax also. They may not be well advertised, but they are really old timers in the camera arena. Check out their range of lenses and whatnot, whatever that Canon can give the average photographer, pentax can offer at a much lower cost and quality is solid. The builds for Pentax cameras is generally more rugged, and they try to squeeze in more dings and whistles, however I still cringe at their menus and handling system.

Think then about support and servicing, as well as ease of getting parts. The more suppliers means more competitors, that also translates into bargaining power.

Don't write off Pentax, but don't dive into either one too quickly either. Buying a DSLR is like choosing the field of study in university... you are stuck in that field for your life, unless you have the funds to change course and/or diversify.

Just my few cents, I'm sure the above has been mentioned earlier buy others somewhere sometime ago.



Aug 25, 2006
I'm stuck between Pentax kx and Canon 450d.
Heard a lot of good reviews about Pentax kx but friends are kinda against the idea (they prefer Canon)
So, which one should I really go for? I need more suggestions. Thank you! :)
both are ok cameras. both can produce great pictures.

have a mind of your own.

you impress your friends with the pictures you take, not the camera brand you have.

that said, canon is good, pentax is good. but both have their bad points. some i can think of;

canon: relatively light, relatively small grip - if you have large hands will be problem, no shake reduction in camera, but wide range of lenses, if you want an eventual upgrade path it is there (though most hobbyists will not need), accessories and related equipment more readily available

pentax: flash system is not so great, from what i hear (not through personal experience, i work with natural light only).. lenses can be hard to find, but there is a great range of primes out there - the specialisation of pentax is the primes, and they have loads of that from the old pentax days that can be used even now.

hope this helps.

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Jan 16, 2009
If you buy the 450D, Canon will have more money to hire Ken Watanabe to make more ads. Mmmm... I just can't get enough of his ads.


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Nov 26, 2007
consider your interest level and how far you want to go in this hobby. then look at what both system offers and make your pick. the camera that gets u the photos u want is the camera u use.


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Mar 13, 2008
rainy Singapore
If you buy the 450D, Canon will have more money to hire Ken Watanabe to make more ads. Mmmm... I just can't get enough of his ads.
This kind of comment does not help the TS in any way....
besides, I think you are WOEFULLY naive... perhaps you should attend some marketing courses.


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Mar 12, 2009
Upper Serangoon
Each camera has its own disadvantage / advantage - but you need to find out if they apply to you. For example - if you're not interested in photography involving flashes, then Pentax's flash weakness is non existent for you. If you like 450d's small and compact grip, then it becomes an advantage yet if you don't like to use the camera eye piece for exposure / other info, its useless to you. You really need to get down and test these 2 cameras and find one that really suits you because in the end, both cameras can take great pictures but only if you're comfortable with using them.

Finally, if you have friends with existing setups, you need to take that into consideration too. If they're kind enough, they can lend you lenses that you want to try out, or would be handy to have around a particular event.

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