Pentax Kr replacement - Your thoughts


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Apr 12, 2005
Nikon just launched a new entry level camera with 24MP! (Bulky as usual!). I have never advocated increasing the pixel count when the minimum can do the job nicely but majority of the new market will be expected to be non-DSLR-literate and will go for higher specs. Hence Pentax will have to meet that demand.

Just wondering if the K-r replacement is in the pipe line and what you hope it would feature (not FF please because this is still an entry level camera) that would keep it one step above the competition?

For me, phase detect, dedicated button and auto focus for video recording would be nice and of course, focus peaking too. Wouldn't it be great if you can do video recording using the optical finder and focus on the go ? And yes, the option to use AA batteries too unless they can make the camera much smaller by forgoing this option.

I would wish for a smaller body too but somehow, I think pentax will eventually slide something between the Q and K-01 in their future road map for a mirrorless lineup, so will avoid cannibalisng their own products. But one with a bigger sensor and a smaller body would be good anyway. :)

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Sep 14, 2011
Ah... What I wish Pentax would do:

-Compact, size-wise think Leica or K-01, or ME-super

I use a camera as a camera, and I use a video camera as a video camera.. ;)


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Dec 8, 2010
24MP should be good, that will make printing A2 size photo at ease.

I just print most photo at 4R size, some good one at 8R (A4) size (8MP for 300dpi),

but this weekend, I just order a print of A3 size (from my 12MP kx), it starts to look struggling, (16MP for 300dpi), not to mention A2 (16MP for 150dpi) and A1(32MP for 150dpi) size for family wallpaper (which also the maximum size I may print out).

then, as you can see, that is when 100MP medium format digital back puts in role (A0 size at 300dpi).

(For landscape, I did several photo stitch to a panorama upto 100MP made of 20+ photo, but for portrait, hard to stitch parts of face)

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