Pentax K100D + Sigma lenses, Where to buy?

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May 29, 2007
Hi All,

I will be visiting Singapore next month. I am planning to buy a new Pentax DSLR.

Here is what I have decided to buy:
1. Pentax K100D body
2. Sigma 17-70mm
3. Pentax SMC 50-200mm
4. 2GB card + very basic accessories.
(I already have a tripod and a backpack)

I am not really sure I want to go for the 18-55mm kit lens. I have heard that its a really decent lens for the price, but since that entire range would be covered by the 17-70 I dont see the need for it...

I would like to know the best places in Singapore for pentax SLR cameras and lenses ( infact the best in terms of prices :bsmilie: ) . If anyone has purchased these recently, appreciate if you could give the pricing information. I have also heard that the sigma 17-70 mm for the pentax mount.. is quite hard to find. If any members can provide more information on this regard, it would be really helpful.
I had initially posted in where I was recommended this forum.

Thanks in advance


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Sep 7, 2006
Where are you from? Reason I ask is because you'll need to ask for Pentax international warranty when you make your purchase (normally this may take a couple of days). Normally Pentax products come with domestic warranty. Sigma will come with International warranty. Normally I advise OP (Sim Lim Sq. level 6), but most of their items only comes with in-shop warranty.

Visit shops these shops when you come visit;

Alan Photo
#01-38 Sim Lim Square (Near Bugis MRT)
Tel: 6336-092
#05-20 Funan Digitalife Mall (Near City Hall MRT)
Tel: 6883-0922

Cathay Photo
#01-11/14 Peninsula Plaza (Near City Hall MRT)
Tel: 6337-4274

T.K. Foto Technic
100 Beach Rd, #02-45 Shaw Towers (Near Bugis MRT)
Tel: 6292-8167

John 3:16 Photo Supplies
Funan The IT Mall 109, North Bridge Road #03-37 Singapore 179097 (Near City Hall MRT)
Tel: 6337-2877

MS Color
Block 711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-3501C (Near Ang Mo Kio MRT but not in city)
Tel: 6457-6380


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May 29, 2007
I am from India. From a service perspective I would say Canon is the best in India, other brands have a very weak presence. So I am not too worried about servicing. ( Just a long prayer before buying :D ) Anyway, I will surely take the international warranty too. (thanks for the tip)

Thanks again for the exhaustive list. I will surely check them out.

Anyone knows the pricing?? (atleast approx figures??)...


Aug 25, 2006
K100D with kit lens $860 at Orient Photo with no international warranty - you probably won't want this I guess, they only have shop warranty, i.e. any problems you go back to shop and they'd resolve it for you.

Elsewhere, about $1065 with SD card - less without kit lens.

For the rest, you might want to refer to the sticky in the Pentax section:

Pentax Pricelist Thread

It is probably off by at most a few tens of dollars. Pentax is a good choice! =D Value for money.

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