Pentax confirm two DA Star Zoom Lenses

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Sep 27, 2006
Pre-PMA 2007: Back in September just before Photokina Pentax revealed a range of new digital-only DA Star (DA*) lenses with built-in Supersonic motors, these were briefly covered on a publicly released lens roadmap. Today Pentax has confirmed two of those lenses; the DA* 16 - 50 mm F2.8 ED AL [IF] SDM and the DA* 50 - 135 mm F2.8 [IF] SDM. Used in conjunction with a 1.5x crop sensor digital SLR such as the K10D these two lenses will provide an equivalent field of view of 24 - 75 mm and 75 - 202.5 mm respectively. As well as the SDM motors both lenses feature ED lens elements as well as weather and dust protection. No pricing or availability information has yet been made available.


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