[PC World] The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007.

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Apr 1, 2005
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15. Box Unpopuli: Amazon Unbox
14. Screwed up to the Max: Municipal WiMax
13. Web 2 Woe: Social Networks
12. Just Another Oxymoron: Internet Security
11. Singing an Old Familiar Zune: Microsoft Zune
10. Is Anyone Listening?: Wireless Carriers
9. Sorry, We Already Gave: Office 2007
8. Needs To Change Its Spots: Apple "Leopard" OS 10.5
7. Cannot be Completed as Dialed: Voice Over IP
6. Un-Neutral: The Broadband Industry
5. The Great, The Bad, The Ugly: Apple iPhone
4. In a Sorry State: Yahoo
3. The Anti-Social Network: Facebook Beacon
2. What Is It Good For: The High-Def Format War
1. No Wow, No How: Windows Vista


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