PC Show...Yaawn...

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Sep 14, 2003
Bukit Timah
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Went to the PC show today, my 'hitlist' was:

1. New GP 2500 mah AA Batteries (Failed)
2. or Panasonic 2400 mah AA Batteries (Failed)
3. Toshiba or Panasonic 1GB/2GB SD cards (Failed - Toshiba says end of year.....tooo long - distributors here keep selling the 256MB stuff, 512MB max)
4. Lexar 2GB 80X CF (Failed)
5. Sandisk Extreme 2GB CF (Failed)
6. Good deal for Canon i9950 (Cheaper at SLS/Funan-didn't want junk gifts)
7. Nice 700:1, 900:1 contrast ratio 19" LCD (Got a Samsung 193P - neg to $1550 from $1599)
8. Aftermarket NP-E3 batteries at EastGear (Failed: Not here yet...)

Quite disapointing for me overall....Guess I'll just go to SLS/Funan area once every 2 months, or Akihabara/Shinjuku to get my stuff.......can be cheaper and definitely more choices in HK or Japan.


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Jan 27, 2003
Singapore mostly
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Went there in the evening as well and was hugely disappointed. Nothing to buy......

Sandisk Extreme 512MB between 269 n 299 SGD.....
Lexar same price as EastGear without the fair
Printers are not really selling at a huge discount.... I dont need a portable black and white TV...

Was told that Sandisk Extreme has not arrived in Singapore yet and may come tomorrow? Better still, one elderly man had the cheek to say that they have sold out of Extreme `1GB ;)... Expected retail price of the extreme 1 GB is above 500 S$....think I will go to B&H to get my stuff in the future as it is definitely more expensive it seems to buy anything in Singapore.

verdict of the fair for me: Not worth the wait to park my car, the walk to the hall and the time spent there....

for those of you going, perhaps you may wanna take a look at the Panasonic booth (run by CP) and take some pix of the European models standing at one of the ends of the booth...best looking gals in the show.


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