PAYM Loves Red: Project Destination! Instagram Competition


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May 4, 2012

PAYM Loves Red: Project Destination #lastdaysg launched!

What would you do if I told you this was your very last day to live your life?

Take a black and white picture of the place in Singapore you would go to on your last day, and share it on Instagram with your family and friends.

Include the hashtag #lastdaysg in your caption and follow @projdestination on Instagram. As a form of confirmation of your participation, you will receive a like from ‘projdestination’. Submission deadline is 15th November 2013, 2359.

Attractive prizes of up to $200 to be won!

*You may use existing black and white photos too. Simply comment with #lastdaysg on your own post.

Check out our website for more details:

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