Pay more, walk more!

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Nov 23, 2004
BB West
Went to spend my vouchers at taka today. Happily finish shopping, went back to Far East. Since they are doing upgrading, we got to make one BIG rd back to the mrt n use the underground to go over.

You know what? We kenna stopped and ask us to take route from the top instead!!! :eek: WTH! Road block over there, no ppl tell us before we proceed down. Make us walk one big rd then tell us. What kind of service is that! They claim too clamp, so, got to make us do that. In the end, some old folks, went ahead as one of them said "we small size, sure can squeeze in" What she said is true n furthermore, ppl old liao, u don't expect them to make one big rd too.

Bad bad mangerment by the MRT service. Pay more n still, when reached certain area, u got to walk more due to expansion. Last time I went CCK, also kenna this kind of things, in the end, walk a big rd before reaching the bus interchange. So bad service, that's why I try not to take MRT when possible as I wouldn't get a seat, exit become stranger to me and on top of that, I paying more for a lousy service. Take bus faster but hor, there also complain on the bus. :bsmilie:

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