LR Tips Pantone Smoothies: The Ultimate Designer’s Drink


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Sep 27, 2006
I’ll take “Stuff You Can’t Make Up” for a thousand, please, Alex. How about smoothies based, not on combinations of ingredients, but on Pantone colors they resemble. First it was beer with Pantone labels, then food paired with matching Pantone colors. I guess this is what happens when your color sample books look good enough to eat. Or is that just me? Anyway, back to those smoothies. The collection at the aptly-named not only shows tasty concoctions that match up with PMS colors, but also includes actual recipes. For instance, Pantone 610 contains avocado, mango, and cucumber. Pantone 644 includes a lot of blueberries while espresso and cocoa powder comes out around Pantone 4665. I’m thinking my (in)famous sweet potato, carrot, and banana smoothies would fall somewhere about Pantone 021.
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