Panasonic Lumix Fx9 vs Canon ixus 55 vs Fujifilm Finepix Z2

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Jan 11, 2006

I'm looking for a compact camera that is easy to bring around with a good video mode and i've shortlisted the above 3 cameras!

Can someone please offer me some advice as to which to get? They're all about the same price!

I have no idea which of the cameras give a better photo quality, and most online reviews are quite ambiguous.

The major plus points i see for each camera are as follows:

Fx9 - image stablization (is it more useful than high iso?)
Z2 - ability to shoot at high ISO (is it more useful than OIS?)
ixus- apparently the better photo quality?

Hope some of you guys who have had experience with these cameras lend me a helping hand! :)

Thank you so much!:D

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