Panasonic CM1 Communication Device press release


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Mar 11, 2002

High-end image quality
Carrying a camera with you that rivals any premium compact camera and at the same time not having to choose between a smartphone device and excellent photographic quality – in the past, that was not
possible without making compromises.

With the new LUMIX Smart Camera CM1, smartphone photography is experiencing a revolutionary, qualitative leap. To start with, the CM1 shares the same image sensor that is also responsible for excellent picture quality in the LUMIX FZ1000, the top model of the bridge class. Even in low light conditions the 1-inch-high-sensitivity CMOS sensor produces outstanding images, thereby solving one of the most common problems of smartphone photography.

A superior 20-megapixel resolution allows for an almost unlimited further use of these images.
Further contributing to the exceptional picture quality is the integrated Leica DC Elmarit lens.
With a slightly wide-angle 28mm focal length it offers an aperture of f/2.8. Like all lenses carrying the name Leica, it provides excellent resolution, minimal distortion and only very little light fall
off at the edges.

Just how important photography is to the CM1 is evidenced by the fact that it is equipped with its own dedicated processor. This ensures both faster response times for photo shoots as well as an optimal signal processing that aligns with the photos. Moreover, it provides significant relief for the smartphone processor.

Comprehensive camera settings
What is also extraordinary about the CM1 is the multitude of manual adjustment possibilities it offers. When operating the rotatable lens ring, features such as the shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings, white balance, exposure compensation as well as focus can be adjusted comfortably.

Positioned next to the lens ring the smart, stylish camera has a release button as well as a slider that facilitates the instant switching between camera and smartphone.
Numerous screen displays such as an integrated digital spirit record RAW files for further processing.

Manually intervening is not always preferred – so of course the LUMIX Smart Camera offers comprehensive all-inclusive and carefree features as well. These include a lightning-fast autofocus as well as various scene modes including the iA function (Intelligent Auto) that guarantees perfect pictures, even for beginners.

If movement is added to the mix, the CM1 demonstrates its merits as a video camera, offering video recordings in Full HD and even 4K. Filmmakers also benefit from the extensive range of manual settings here.

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