Orionsbelt - I remember U!

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Jun 24, 2004
Really cannot get over it, please allow me to pour my complain, keep think about it!!! Cannot sleep....

Please check out this link in B&S:-


I sms the Orion almost immediately on Friday when he posted this thread, and offer for his Tamron 17-50mm Lens. Finally we neg and settled on $400 at about 23:33H based on sms. He confirmed to deal on Sunday during lunch time, and I will collect at his place, Bt Batok, and anytime/anywhere convenience to him. To be fair to him, we agreed that he will info me immediately if he received any higher offer, so that I could still count offer. Die die must get already.

Minutes later, when I checked back on his thread, I then realised that in fact he had already reduced his BNP to $400 about an hour ago before we settled our price!!! He even repeated the same quote for so many times!!!!

D200 & 50mm F1.8D sold at BNP!

Revised Price for Tamron 17-50 F2.8 DI II
( with internal motor )
>>>> BNP $400 ( Grab NOW! )
Then means confirmed I'm on, isn't it?! So happy, cannot almost sleep. Then, what happened?

I sms him on next morning, to see if we could deal earlier, and of course at anywhere anytime convenience to him. He replied, "But someone counter offer higher. Consider sold. Can't resist. Sory"

Of course, I was shocked and so queried him, "U want to wait till sunday then tell me?!", "So how much is being offer to u?"

And he just ignored, no reply.

Really cannot take it!!!!!;(;(;(

This is my 1st time to encounter this type of untrustable people who dun honour their words. I didn't want to challenge him further, because I can understand he got his finally choice of who to sell to and what price, but dunno why yet I just cannot swallow it, esp he already declared his BNP!!!

Never so disappointed and angry with a person before.....arrrrr.r..rrr.r.rr..!!!

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May 11, 2005
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normal. anyway u didn't loose any money.
have you been fly kite before when you're supposed to meet your buyer minutes before meet up? things moves both ways unfortunately.

sleep well and have a brand new day tomorrow la.


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Mar 18, 2004
bukit batok
this kind of fly kite, vey common in hwz and vr-zone...so long as you never part with your money, is not so bad.
most of his post is also WTS, so basically he's here to do selling only.
just add him to your ignore list in the future just in case you see another deal of his.

Jan 14, 2008
Ultimately, the seller has the last say in the sale of goods.
Any price change will void the agreement in offer and acceptance.
I'm sure there are others out there selling eq you want.
Good luck!

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