optical slave flash with compact camera?

Aug 18, 2010
I have a little problem here which I hope the more experienced CS-ers here can help to answer.

Simply put, I'm thinking of purchasing an external flash gun with optical slave functions so that other members of my family with PnS cameras can have the advantage of utilizing a more powerful flash when needed.

Of course, PnS models don't have a hot shoe, so in this case I'm thinking of getting a horizontal flash bracket, like the one in this picture here (taken from artworkfoto).

The question is, when the flash gun is mounted to the left of the camera as per the bracket dictates, will the firing of the PnS's built-in flash be sufficient to trigger the optical sensor located on the slave flash? I know common sense would indicate that the laws of physics do not allow for it because both the camera and the flash are mounted on the same plane, so there is no way light from the PnS's built-in flash is ever going to make its way to the slave's optical sensor, but as i have also learned, the real world does not always function how one's common sense will expect it to be.

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