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I'm putting together a project for A*Star (http://www.a-star.edu.sg).

This project is a simple one, to put together a 10 minutes slide show to recognise the contributions of several MNCs and local enterprises who have contributed to the R&D scene in Singapore.

I would require 2 good/qualified photographers to capture shots relating to Science and Technology, especially in the field of R&D of 10 selected companies.

Photographers should ensure that they are properly equipped, various lens to cater to different FOV. Lighting and coloured gels are required for Indoor shots. Sufficient film stock, probably Velvia 50 and Provia 400. (My guess is up to 8 rolls, 36f, 135 format, high quality DIGITAL SLRs may be considered)

The shoot span 4 days (8 hour day), probably in the 2nd/3rd week of July.

To meet at designated area (near town) and from there transportation and pack meals provided (Halal and Non Halal).

Rights to all pictures taken will be owned exclusively by A*star and the participating companies. NONE of the pictures may be used as portfolio, demo, published eletronically or otherwise as they contain Proprietary information.

However a letter of recognition will be awarded to the photographer from the commissioned agency.

Photographers will be required to sign Non Disclosure Agreement with the selected companies.

Interested photographers please PM me your experience and provide likes to 3 shots to represent your creativity in corporate photo documentary. Alternatively, you may call me at 96813945 to arrange for an interview.

Payment will be market rate (based on your portfolio), 25% upon confirmation, 50% upon submission of film and remainder of 25% upon close of project, 1st week Aug 03.

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