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Anyone here remember OpenLens (my namesake here :) )? Well, I decided to give it another go. If you don't remember what OpenLens was, it was a community I setup where people could discuss photo-stuff and create online albums. At the time I started it as an alternative to PhotoAlley, which had just been bought by Ritz Cameras who then closed the albums/critique.

Oh yeah...its was free to use and photos in member albums were hot-link-able (leech-able).

Still is. Still are.

I've made some major improvements over the initial try, both on the end-user side and to the admin control side. The admin side improvements allow me to better control abusive users, which is what brought the original site down. On the end-user side:
  • Dedicated Photo Critique /w/ ratings, comments, top lists, etc...
  • Improved Gallery with more features (like themeing, eCards, manipulation via 30 filters, etc...)
  • Short URLs to your albums
  • Better forums (based around Invision 1.2)
  • Cleaner look and style
  • and more stuff...

Anyway, I've dubbed the new site "PhotoCrafter" and you can reach it at The older domain ( still works, as do a couple of others ;).

Take a look and let me know what you think. You can email me directly with any comments/suggestions ( or just post them in the appropriate forum there.

Thanks to those who took the time to press buttons and test things out for me.


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Feb 20, 2002
hallo, welcome back, Brian. Why do you drop I think it's a better name, hehe... emotionally attached.

The new interface is neat. Wish yr new site all the best. :p

At the time I started my re-planning the CEO of Hosting-Network Inc, through which I had OpenLens, was having a nervous breakdown. It was even reported in CNN ;p Anyway, they had OpenLens registered via dotreg, but only as "FreaturePrice customer" and not through my real name/info so I couldn't transfer the domain to my regular registrar and use it. Then a couple months ago another company finally payed a couple mil and bought Hosting-Network/FeaturePrice out and were kind enough to update my registration info for the OpenLens domain. But, by that time I had already concieved of PhotoCrafter and registered the .com/net/org.

Before PhotoCrafter, I was thinking of CafePhoto and actually have registered, too :bigeyes:

You can still use the domain, too :bsmilie:

Thanks, Tom.

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