OnOne Photo Suite 7 Premium

Anyone uses this suite? How do you think it fairs?
Have seen lots of reviews saying this suite complements the Nik plugins.
Am considering whether I should get it as the offer now is quite tempting.
Am especially interested in the Perfect Portrait & Resize modules.

I'm just a hobbyist shooter and I already own LR4, PS6 and Nik collection.
Asking for more opinion from anyone who has used this suite for your workflow before I decide whether I should get another piece of software. :embrass:


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Feb 13, 2003
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I use onOne from time to time. I even mix onOne with Nik if the image or my end result calls for it.

I guess if you want to judge for yourself to see how the software fairs you should go to the onOne site to see how the software works.

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