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Feb 26, 2005
Hougang, Singapore.
Hi Bros & Sis

I tried searching but could not find any similar thread on this....

Is it cheaper to buy online or from retail???

I was thinking of getting some Rogue flash gel online, or Lee filters...... but after I add the cost plus shipping, it does not seems so worthwhile.... So do I have to buy in bulk, or does any bro or sis have good recommendation to share?

Thank you. :)

Dec 12, 2009
Once in a while people may start some mass order whereby they import individuals from say B&H as a single bulk and split the shipping cost.

If exclude the shipping cost, the price online is not big difference from retail then I would opt for retail. At least you can do the checking of the item and request for a change immediately if something goes wrong.

Buying online is good if the prices are significantly different and you are willing to take a risk of defects in exchange to saving the money.

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