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Aug 19, 2003
Hi guys,

I've been wanting to purchase a couple of books online.
I've narrowed down to 2 options...

Riceball, and Amazon.

The prices on Riceball are very competitive, but if i do a substantial order on Amazon, would I be able to capitalize more on their services instead?

I ask this question cos i'm looking at a US$34.00 book on the Amazon network (exclusive of shipping and handling charges), but was quoted $82.56 by Riceball and i had to wait 1 month to get my book.

No offence to Riceball, cos I'm very confident and assured of his service.

However, before I make a substantial order, I just wanna see what my options are cos if I take US$1 = SGD$1.8, then it seems getting from Amazon cheaper leh...

What's the handling charges and shipping charges like? Anyone ordered anything from Amazon who can help me in my decision making process?

I read something about a thing in the forum too.. whaddahell is that?

Bottomline is... I wanna buy books that are damn expensive at Borders and Kinokuniya. Riceball offers me a cheaper alternative relative to Basheer. But the conversion rates in Amazon is too damn tempting. I WANT TO BUY BOOKS THE CHEAPEST WAY POSSIBLE :sweat:

Advice for me guys?

Thanks in advance :)


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Jan 18, 2002
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For Amazon they do ship to Singapore directly.

To compare final prices, you can go through the purchase process on Amazon...just click the final button to place the order.

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