"One Year in Timor" Photography Exhibition is back again

Aug 26, 2009
Not sure if most of you know le petit prince or been to the previous "One Year in Timor" at the Arts House.

This time it is back again at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House from 11 to 16 June see link for more info One Year in Timor Photography Exhibition | Montage 2012

Also can win free tickets to Montage 2012 seminar!! see link on facebook
Montage 2012

Montage 2012 also has a photography competition closing date is 20th May and Seminar on 10th June.

Can get to meet and chat with le petit prince on 16th June at night as well for those planning to come on the last day.

Hope you guys can come support. Thanks!

Jan 26, 2004
Thanks a whole lot, hellfire, for all the effort!

I'm actually paiseh the exhibition is back again; there are more worthy pictures by others out there which could have been showcased. But then some people may not have caught this exhibition the first times around, and besides, the prints (newly printed) will be up for sale. Most importantly, all proceeds go to Agape School for the Deaf in Timor Leste.

Do spread the word and support if you can!

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