One month with D60

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Feb 20, 2002
By the time I am writing this post, it's exactly one month I have played with Canon D60. This is no doubt a photography month in my life. Oh boy I have burned 99% of my passion on it, and the other 1% was reserved on work to earn enough money that's all;p . I am certainly very happy with my investment so far. I have almost completed my first round setup from wide angle to telezoom, and accessories. Now it's time to practise all the knowledge I have learned from books and the Internet. I would like to say that a DSLR is really wonderful and it put me on a rocket in learning. All I wish now is having more time to master my equipment and thinking twice b4 pushing the button. btw, it couldn't be cooler to shoot out with u clubsnappers. I am working hard to get my own photo gallery up and running very soon. haha...

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