ONE day event?

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Apr 29, 2003
I dunno if this has ever happened before,

and well, i dunno if i have like any grounds/enough experience to just shoot this off my mouth,

but has the club considered of making a book?

like a pictorial..

are most of the members here singaporean?

i have this idea. like, in a 24 hour period of a single day. (normal day, not holiday, not festival day), the members of clubsnap or anyone who wants to participate, take shots of ALL over singapore..

like "a day in singapore" take kids waking up, shop owners open store, to office ppl take train...

then have candid shots and stuff...

then let the pros do the full page photos

then have captions... like lill bits of interesting info and stuff..

and make it a clubsnap production...

and get a publisher to publish the works...and get media to publicise... just wondering...:what:



There's a series of books "A day in the life of <insert country here>

Having said that, I think it's good, although narrowing down the scope might make the task easier.

A Day in the life of a healthcare professional - proceeds could go to the courage fund.

Only thing is - it'd be difficult to get access to hospitals now to take the photos :eek:

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