ONDU Pinhole Cameras - Kickstarter project

Sep 17, 2008
ya gotten one from them?

tried to calculate the aperture. not sure if i did it right. N=F/D, where F is focal length, D is pupil diameter.

which gives you f/125.


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Dec 18, 2003
really MORE diaper changes
after months of delays and missed deadlines, they finally shipped the camera to me last week.

but, there were some teething problems with my 6x6. apparently, my camera was among the batch that was using a different kind of glue. so, most of the magnets of my camera dropped out even before i started using it. had to glue it back myself. i dropped an email to ONDU, and they are looking into it.

brought it out to do a test roll. for sure it won't win any prizes for sharpness... despite the magnet problems, it is actually quite well-made and light. the swing-arm that controls the exposure is quite easy to operate but i suspect because of the swinging up-down, it inherently imparts slight vibrations during exposure which do resulted in slightly blurred pictures... more blurred that i would like. perhaps a simple lens cap would have been better.

just to share some snaps. i developed my neopan 100 in diafine... think the diafine is exhausted... had a bit of uneven developing on the top of the negatives... haiz.

#1 - bamboo grove at chinese garden

#2 - pagoda

#3 - kranji war memorial

#4 - graves of the fallen



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Jan 20, 2002
Very funky light leaks or processing quirks. I like it a lot.

Is this camera made locally?

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