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Hello Everyone,

I am a regular reader of this group and several others. I
occasionally post when I feel that I have something worthwhile to
contribute. After giving it much thought, I have decided to make
you all aware of something that I think may be of interest to you.
First I'll tell you a little about myself, and then I'll explain
what I have to offer.

My name is Gavyn Aaron. I am a professional photographer
specializing in photojournalism, street/urban shooting, and stills
of lands, buildings and cultures of the southwest and western United
States represented in both color and black & white. I also
incorporate videography into my work. My projects are both
independent and assigned. I do maintain a large stock collection
for my relationships with editorial and commercial stock agencies
and photobuyers. I also create works in mediums such as oil,
watercolor, acrylic and sketches, all of which I consider to be more
relaxing hobbies. What I do is hardly unique and certainly does not
qualify as something different to share with anyone. It is
the "how" and not the "what" of my work and lifestyle that I think
will pique the interest of those who wish to follow along.

Me and Buddy (a rat terrier mix) live in my suburban and travel all
of the areas mentioned above and then some. We sleep in the truck
in travel plazas such as Love's and Flying J, where it's lighted and
relatively safe. We have been known many times to park for the
night in somewhat more remote areas in hills, mountains, back woods
and the Mojave to name a few. Rest stops are out of the question
unless I'm extraordinarily sleepy and to continue would be
dangerous. For some reason, violent crimes on the road tend to hit
rest areas a lot and it's actually on the rise. Many nights we
relax as I play the guitar and then drift to sleep with crisp night
air flowing through the truck, and some mornings we wake up to the
Grand Canyon as our back yard. We can get to a newsworthy event in
reasonable time if it's ongoing, and we've found ourselves in the
middle of one before by simply being where we were (we were in San
Francisco when the anti-war riots got pretty ugly out there). My
stock collection grows daily as there is never a lack of material.
This lifestyle affords me a sense of freedom greater than any I have
ever felt. Though many folks think I'm out of my mind, I wouldn't
have it any other way.

I have decided to share my experiences with those who are interested
in knowing what it's like to live this kind of lifestyle. It's not
always easy. In fact, sometimes it's more harsh than words can
describe. But I treasure every bit of it and wouldn't trade it for
the world. I will have a web site on which photos, writings,
musings and more will be available to all visitors as well as
forums. I have a lot of ideas about how to go about this, but of
course I'm always open to suggestions as well. I have received
quite a bit of feedback from people asking a lot of questions about
what this is like and wanting to know more. This is the best way to
provide that information in one tidy place on a web site (under
construction at the moment), as well as a newsletter I'm putting
together to send out on a regular basis to anyone who wants to
receive it.

I'll make one more post here about all this when the web site is
complete for anyone who wishes to visit it. I'm kind of struggling
with a couple of minor things. I had a web site at one point under
the name OutBC Productions. It was just a small e-zine for Houston-
area people. That has long since disappeared, but I still have the
domain name and I still use OutBC Productions as my business name.
BC stands for Bayou City, a nickname for Houston. I'm itchy to come
up with a new domain name for this, and I've been wanting to change
my business name for quite some time anyway. I just don't want
something as bland as Gavyn Aaron Photography. I just might keep
OutBC if I could figure out new words for the acronym! It's not
that big of a deal as all of my clients, editors, and others that I
work with don't care one way or the other what my business name is,
but I'd like to have it solidified before I get a new domain or
decide to keep the one I have now. So any suggestions along those
lines would be happily considered.

I hope there is a lot of reception in terms of the newsletter if not
the web site (web forums are very hard to get going). I have a lot
of fun living the way I do, and I learn more than my brain can
sometimes assimilate in a day. I am truly blessed in my life to be
able to do this. As a freelancer, I am not tied down to any one
area, and the technological age allows me to make a living by
providing an avenue for me to submit my work from practically
anywhere. All of my personal necessities, laptop, desktop, monitor,
scanner, printers, photographic and videographic gear including
light kit, and much more fit in the truck and it is still
surprisingly comfortable for living purposes for both me and Buddy.
Not everyone can drop everything and pick up this type of life, but
I've come across many who do enjoy hearing about it. Believe it or
not, there is a small subculture of "car livers" out there. We even
have regular gatherings.

The newsletter won't really run on any sort of regular schedule for
the time being as it just depends on what I have to get done when I
am at a Starbucks or Flying J using their Internet connection. Real
work (the paying kind) has to come first. I am at a Flying J at
least once per morning when I'm not off in a mountain somewhere or
parked out in the middle of nowhere. After all, showers are
necessary and I am keen on maintaining good personal hygiene! I
will keep the web site updated very regularly with new photos,
information and what not, and there will be a subsection for the car-
living folks out there providing resources and information (even for
those who may be considering becoming "one of us"). It will also
serve as my online business presence. My clients are constantly
asking when the new site will be up. I make many sales from
agencies and buyers searching my stock list or needing estimates for

So if you keep up with the newsletter or visit the web site and see
that I'll be in your area, drop me a line and let's have a cup of
coffee! Meeting new people and making new friends is one of the
biggest rewards I get from all of this. I really am addicted to
venti white chocolate mochas at Starbucks. It's truly pathetic.
Buddy doesn't mind though because he always gets a cookie when I get
my coffee. In fact, all I have to do is say the word Starbucks or
McDonald's (he loves their happy meals) and he starts bouncing
around the truck light a ball of lightning.

Well, this has run on long enough. If you wish to receive the
newsletter when it starts going out, just drop me a line at
GavynAaron@outbc.com and I will add you to the list. All e-mail
addresses and contact information will remain STRICTLY
confidential. No eyes other than mine will ever see it. I also
welcome any suggestions or ideas anyone may have. I will be online
quite a bit for the next few days as I am "grounded" in Houston
until my truck gets out of the shop on Tuesday or Wednesday. The
engine is currently being replaced. It's time for that though. She
(the truck - her name is Bertha, I've named practically every piece
of equipment I own because I'm just kooky that way I guess) serves
me wonderfully. The body is in fantastic condition, and she made it
140,000 miles before needing this enigne replacement. Not too

There is absolutely no fee whatsoever to access my web site or sign
up for the newsletter. I do have a button on the web site and a
link in each newsletter that allows folks to donate if they wish.
It does require extra hosting space, bandwidth transfer and time to
add the newsletter and this portion of the web site to my work (not
to mention vehicle maintenance and repair), but I refuse to require
fees for access. I make a good enough living to provide for myself
and this lifestyle, but there always seem to be unexpected
expenses. Please don't let the donate button chase you away. If
you can, it is greatly appreciated. If you cannot, you are just as
valued and important to me as any of my many current readers and
visitors. No expectations, no
requirements .... just an invitation to see through the eyes of
someone who is a colleague and lives a little differently from
the "norm", and even to be a part of it in small interactive ways
via the newsletter, web site and feedback.

And seriously, any ideas for new words to go with the
letters "OUTBC" or an appropriate name would be cool. I've gone and
gotten "namer's block"! Kind of unprofessional and silly to request
suggestions for something like that, to live the way I do and even
to put out a newsletter and a section of a web site about it?
Probably. Maybe. Who knows. But if I lived my life with my nose
stuck in the air in constant concern about appearances, then I
wouldn't be doing what I am right now. Besides, it certainly hasn't
stopped sales or hindered business growth. If my work can't speak
for itself absent all of that, then I've been in the wrong field for
far too long! This has all actually intrigued enough buyers to
actually increase business and sales!

Gavyn Aaron
OutBC Productions

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