ON THE ROAD AGAIN: A Travel Photography Exhibition

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Apr 2, 2009
Inspired by the song “On the Road Again”, this photography exhibition submission is opens to anyone who wants to share their travel photography stories. This exhibit is scheduled in July, duration of 14 day, accompanied by an exhibition brochure. Based on cost sharing basis, participants will share the cost of publicity materials and reception and administration cost. For more information, please contact Gwen Lee at 2902gallery@gmail.com

For submission consideration:

1. Submit your images for consideration. Minimum 5 images, Maximum 15 images per story.
2. Each person may submit up to 3 stories.
3. Per file size: Longest side – 2400 pixels, 120 dpi resolution
4. Short write up on your travel story – not exceeding 200 words.
5. Send to: 2902gallery@gmail.com with subject title: “On the Road...

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