Olympus Master Update

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Nov 13, 2003
Hi guys!
Olympus have released an update for Master...
V1.11, it claims to have an "improved raw algorithm", and so far it appears
to be true. It provides images comparable to the Oly studio High Function mode, not the high speed lower quality mode in the master 1.1...
will post pics, but i dun have any in oly master 1.1
i dun shoot much raw but used ACR previously, but i may start to use master for RAW and import the jpgs for the better color.
Hopefully they will release a new plug-in for photoshop which provides better RAW development...

oh, and just playing around i find -5 contrast and +2 sat gives quite a nice balance... what do u guys use?

Now my only complaint is that it's too slow... Rawshooter is tonnes faster...

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