Olympic diving gold medallist

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thats what i call a jump:bsmilie:
singapore should send this fella go haha

Inspired by Vince eh? hehe
nope, had done a strawberry shot long ago, today's aim was to do some still life then the splash last, will pose the rest later too :D

Nice series!
and obviously matching titles too! Applause!
haha thanks!!

Best story ever! Hahha. Well done.
thankyou :D

ahaha omg! you should photoshop in some eyes looking upwards for the fun of it! this shot is my fav! can literally feel the other dudes below looking up.
you can go ahead and play w the pic here lol:bsmilie:

Oct 24, 2005
Great series! :thumbsup:

Curious to know what surface did you shoot on the get the nice reflections?

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