Oly E-520

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Dec 18, 2008
considering this set as an entry dslr for me.. may i know is there any advantages with a 4/3 sensor?

IS built on the camera or on the lens, what is the difference in performance for both?

Is there any other lens i can use on the 520 other den the zuiko lens?


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Jun 6, 2007
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Advantage is full digital system,smaller and lighter bodies and lenses,as well as 2X mulitplication factor,meaning that your lens value eg 14-42 is 35mm format is 28-84
i will let you know the disadvantage thought,noise,but control is getting better,than not as good as others yet,wide angle i believe there isn't much choice,but there is though

IS is built on the body,meaning any lenses you use are stabilised

You can use Sigma and still have autofocus,any other lens will require the use of adaptor,but can be used and need to do manual focus only


Jul 25, 2008
City area, SG
I am using this camera. Being rather entry level, it is a very beginner-friendly camera. The user interface is intuitive and really makes setting the camera a fast and simple affair. The grip is (at least for me) the best - most substantial and comfy - among entry level models from all the different brands (eg canon 450d, nikon d60).

I would say the biggest advantage of the Four-thirds sensor to me is that it allows quality lenses to be made compact. Hence zuiko is significantly lighter, whether wide angle or telephoto. It can be seen just by comparing the 14-42mm kit lens to the typical 18-55mm ones. But whether you like it THIS compact is another question, so you have to try holding the kit at the store to find out if you'd like something bigger.

Obviously Zuiko is really the #1 option you should go for should you buy olympus but... A handful of sigma and leica lenses (eg leica 14-150, sigma 105mm macro) are available.

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